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Pecorino, with new BFF Ernesto the Alpaca

A few weeks ago, Pecorino, our new Damara-Dorper cross ram arrived at the farm. Initially, he seemed a little coy, intimidated by all from the alpacas to last year’s lambs. Within even a week, it was clear that he was becoming enculturated into the flock, following their cues to move to new pasture, and joining the usual welcoming committee whenever we come to visit.


Friendship is parallel grazing. Note Pecorino’s fat-tail, a Damara characteristic, it’s the camel’s hump of the sheep world.

Now, Pecorino’s assembled something of a support group around himself, composed of alpacas Fidel and Ernesto and a wether lamb. They tend to remain aloof of the rest of the flock, grazing a little away from the rest. While other sheep-farming pals tell us that this is not uncommon, we’re genuinely amazed to see how Pecorino’s robust desert breeding is exhibited in his grazing habits. Where the Wiltshire Horns hurry for shelter at the first glimmer of sunlight and sit panting until a cloud covers the sun again, Pecorino and his clique munch on, apparently regardless of temperature, and far less selectively than the others. Now all we need is for him to start sharing those genes around.


Pecorino joins the party.