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In an effort to utilise the whole beast, in addition to mutton and lamb meat, we also offer hides from the sheep selected for slaughter at Yarnauwi. The animals are bred, raised, grazed and slaughtered on South Australia’s Fleurieu Peninsula, and the hides are tanned on the Fleurieu south coast at Tony Scott’s Southern Tanners, Port Elliot.


To our great excitement, the hides have now arrived, replete with all the eccentricities and quirks of our mixed breed flock. This year the Damara breeding is becoming ever more evident with plenty of soft browns and textures that range from silky long pile to short, curly and ever-so-soft.


Our last hide sale saw the skins being employed intact in home decorating, as well as transformed in assorted craft projects (see Local and Bespoke’s car seat covers from our Wiltshire Horn hides here).

Check out this year’s offerings at our Sheepskins for Sale page, and get in touch at yarnauwi[at]gmail.com if you’re keen!