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The day one team, still smiling after 350 holes

In early June we hosted our third annual tree-planting fiesta. Through the generosity of our friends and family, we planted another 800-odd trees, forming shelterbelts and habitat corridors along the southern and western boundaries. As in previous years, the trees are mostly local provenance with some propagated through Trees for Life, and others from seed we’ve gathered. This year, we’re also experimenting with enhancing seedling resilience by inoculating them with beneficial fungi and mulching each planting, in addition to protection with roo-thwarting tree guards.


Jumping into the mulch pile

We hope the annual planting is becoming a tradition. Despite the aching muscles and brisk breezes, there’s great pleasure in working among friends beneath a big sky. For the brood of kids, there are gullies and mallow thicket cubbies to spend days leaping into. There is great pleasure too in the sense that this future, hoped-for woodland is an enduring legacy of the companionship and generosity of our community.


The (tree-guard) weaving circle


Lorikeet’s trip to the country


A kangaroo skull warns its more active relatives away from investigating the new growth too closely


A walk in the future forest


A (brief) break


Day’s end

Deepest thanks to Jeremy, Claire, Innis, Anthony, Ly, Steven, Jeff, Sue, Pete, Shani, Arlo, Freya, Nat, Jess, Oliver, Laura, Will, Rupert, Henry, Abi, Shane, Richard, Marg, Andrew, Delwyn, and all those who didn’t quite get there but hope to in the future!