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2014 was a year where the dry season came early and stayed late. It seemed as if the rain barely had a chance to soften the ground and throw up some soursobs before our clay soils began to crack again and the pasture browned off. Despite this, after two years observing the rhythms of this patch of ground, I feel like we’re becoming more resilient and optimistic: where previously we despaired at every lost seedling, now we celebrate every survivor.


Summer: a shingleback lizard soaks up some sunshine.

In the spirit of permaculture, this year also marks a transition from our observational period towards beginning to implement infrastructure for a sustainable farming enterprise. With fencing and water infrastructure for livestock, our appreciation of the need for water only deepens, and despite its challenges, we’ve learnt to stop worrying and love winter.


Autumn: more hikes, but still not much rain.

Once again this year, our work on the farm has been made possible through the support, advice and muscle of our community of friends and family. We sincerely thank you for your faith in the future, and your belief, enthusiasm and willingness to participate in this project. Thank you.


Winter: our amazing team of tree-planting pals take a break.

So, with your support, here are some highlights from this year at Yarnauwi. Some of these highlights are also shown in our ‘annual report’ video above, knocked together from the bits and pieces of footage gathered over the year:

Thank you again, and we look forward to continuing to grow with you in 2015.

The moveable sheep shelter in fresh pasture.

Spring: brings sheep, who bring lambs, and alpacas, who don’t bring foxes. We bring the food and accomodation.

Our annual report video Trees, Bees and Cheese: 2014 features “Miami Call” by Herr Doktor (soundcloud.com/herrdoktordj), and “Shady Grove” by Shake That Little Foot (freemusicarchive.org/music/Shake_That_Little_Foot/Shake_That_Little_Foot/Shady_Grove_vbrmp3), licensed under Creative Commons.