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I’ve recently been working with Village Greens, a dream-team of young growers and permaculturalists, developing their logo and crowd-funding video. They’re establishing a sustainable, human-scale market garden in Aldinga, on the southern rim of Adelaide, and the northern expanse of the Fleurieu Peninsula. One of the ring leaders, Nat Wiseman, is a great friend of our farm, and has hauled junk or scythed thistles on more than one occasion!

The Village Greens team have negotiated access to an acre of land in the Aldinga Arts EcoVillage, and with their wealth of experience and enthusiasm are poised to transform it into a thriving market garden. Their crowd-funding campaign has kicked off and they’re currently seeking support to meet one-off infrastructure costs so they can get growing. Check out how you can support them here.

In their own words:

What will we do?
Create an abundant productive market garden of 2000m2 (1/2 acre) on land within the Aldinga Arts Eco-Village in the southern outer suburbs of Adelaide, South Australia

Connect with the local and wider community to provide seasonal, organic, healthy food with food metres not miles
Use human-scale, efficient tools and techniques to maximise the productive potential of the land
Promote a viable, attractive and sustainable model of farming to encourage more young people into agriculture, which can be replicated all over the country
Be a place of learning and sharing through workshops, open days and seasonal events

Why are we doing this?
Agriculture has been taken over by big business and big technology in many parts of the world, and we want to help bring it back to its roots in organic, human-scale, productive and sustainable systems of food production.

– We want to reclaim a focus on food quality, rather than just quantity which ignores nutrient density and flavour
– We will grow organically in a diversified ecosystem, in contrast to large-scale monocultures which destroy soil and ecological health
– We will sell direct to our local community, to bridge the divide between consumer and producer and provide opportunities to understand where food comes from and how it is grown

– We will champion young farmers. The average age of farmers in Australia is 57, and the next generation of potential farmers is being lost to more attractive and lucrative careers – we need to revitalise the profession of farming
– We will activate the Aldinga Arts Eco-Village Farm. The farm was planned to have vegetable and other food production since its inception 15 years ago. The time is ripe, the growers are ready, the village is ready and the land is there ready to be farmed! 

Village Greens is part of the growing worldwide movement that is embracing a sustainable agriculture which respects nature and people.

By supporting us you are helping to shift food production towards small farms, using human-scale tools and organic farming techniques and principles, and away from the farming practices that have created many of the ecological and social problems the world faces today.

See more and support Village Greens at Start Some Good.

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