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A little while ago I received a motion camera, triggered by movement and able to shoot in complete darkness with an infra-red flash. I mounted it on a fence post, scattered some food scraps in front and left it for a week. Over the week it’s offered us a fascinating window into the life of the farm.

Curious kangaroo

Boxing match

The fight gets out of hand

Persistence is rewarded

Very curious kangaroo.

Unsurprisingly, the hordes of kangaroos feature heavily. They graze through the day and night, occasionally box, and one problem-solver has multiple attempts at reaching  the enticing leaves of a mesh-guarded sapling.

Fox investigating.

When night falls, a fox heads out, walking the same trail a little after 6.00pm, three nights in a row. On the first night, intrigued by the food scraps left, it returns throughout the night and the early hours, eating and marking the area.

The wing of a nightbird? Or the very close whiskers of a roo?

As we try the camera in different locations on the farm, we look forward to learning more about the private lives of its residents!