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After watching the hills turn dry and crispy over the summer, I don’t think I’ve ever pined so much for the return of a little rain, cool weather and a sun not-quite-so-withering, and all the opportunities they bring.

IsoBrownWebIn that spirit, and inspired by the aesthetic of knitted woolly jumpers, I’ve been working on some new images depicting life on the block. I developed them from sketches on isometric graph paper, so each of the elements is actually composed of little equilateral triangles. Among them you may spot Grey Kangaroos, Stubble Quail scattering beneath a harrier and lorikeets zooming overhead. The colour options reference the dry browns of summer and the blue of a big sky and the nearby sea.

IsoBlueWebI’ve also designed them to be repeat patterns, so they may appear as a textile print in the future. Let me know if you have any colour suggestions!